Muslin Swaddle Blankets


Snuggle your little loves up with these beautiful printed swaddles, made out of 100% cotton muslin.

These extra large muslin squares are pre-washed for comfort and will get softer as they're used and washed each time.

Muslin fabric has been trusted to swaddle babies for generations due to its absorbent and breathable properties. Because it is soft and gentle on babies' skin it keeps them wrapped comfortably and securely whilst maintaining their temperature (so they never get too hot or too cold).

Aside from just swaddling, our muslins can be used in various different ways so as your baby develops and grows, the blanket will grow with them. Ideas for using your swaddle could be:

- a nursing cover
- a sheet for your pram or Moses basket
- a lightweight blanket
- a changing mat cover
- a burp cloth
- a portable tummy time or floor mat if you're out and about


120cm x 120cm approx
(WREN and DELILAH measure 100cm x 100cm approx)

Caring for your swaddles:

The more you wash your swaddle blankets, the softer they will become. We recommend machine washing at a temperature of 30'C and to line dry naturally or tumble dry on a low/gentle cycle.